Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns


A true story of freedom in Christ

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Erfahrungsbericht der Missionare Scott und Annette McManigle mit ihren vier Kindern, die 17 Jahre unter den Pwo Karen in Thailand gelebt haben.


Discover God’s great passion for souls and how He uses willing vessels to reach them.

Listen to the heartbeat of God as He reaches out to people who have lived for centuries in the darkness of sin and despair to prepare their hearts to receive Him.

Witness the selfless devotion of a family and how they shared their hearts with people living in desperate need of God.

The simple truth is that God loves everyone, from the least to the greatest, whether clean or unclean. This love is demonstrated every day by missionary families like that of Annette and Scott McManigle, who lived in the jungles of Thailand among the Pwo Karen tribe in order to share God’s love with people who didn’t know Him. Now you can journey with them in the land Where Spirits Roam but God Reigns!

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